Since all gatherings have been forbidden, we need another challenge to get us out running.


are you ODD or EVEN??

  • teams will be divided up into odd and even based on your date of birth
  • the winning team is the team with the greatest distance of mile once training can commence as per England Athletics guidelines
  • the prize for the winning team is the “glory of being in the winning team”
  • entrants have to sign up at
  • the is NO entry fee its just for fun
  • you give permission for name distance and photo (you submit) to be published
  • a qualifying run is a minimum of 19 mins (we need to smash this 19 thing!!!)
  • All runners shall follow government protocol both legal and advisory regarding social isolation and distancing ( if this means a full lock down the competition will continue but you may need new flooring in the lounge running round for 19mins)
  • to help your mental health no runner should run alone so each run needs to be accompanied by a mascot (photos are needed for each run ) this is where the only prize comes in i will give a prize for the best mascot.
  • as its for fun its open to all!!
  • the winning team is the team that covers the most distance (depending on how long it goes on there may be a monthly glory award)
  • runs need to be registered on a activity tracking app with a screenshot of your activity, photo of you with your mascot, your name and team sent to
  • runs need to be sent within 24hrs of the run taking place to be counted
  • distances will be published on this website and facebook

Agree to photos, names and distance to be shared

Agree you have read the rules above