I’d realised I was both overweight but also struggling to manage stress, anxiety and life in general without recourse to poor coping strategies (beer mainly) so I started running on my own and after doing my first parkrun in June 2013 Kev West who I knew through work mentioned Lawley Running Group (as it was known then). The rest as they say is history.

I love running – It’s something I can do on the spur of the moment, can take as much or as little time as I like. It gives me friendship, positive feelings, makes me smile and that even at the age of 50 is something I can do successfully without being competitive with anyone other than myself.

My best races are:

Manchester Marathon 2017 where after 6 months of hard graft I was rewarded with a GFA PB that still surprises me to this day. Great atmosphere and support.

K2B – have now done this 5 times. The scenery and camaraderie of those taking part more than makes up for a hilly tough run across the Lake District.

GUCR 2018 – I didn’t make it all the way from Birmingham to London having to stop at Milton Keynes after 81 miles but I learned so much about both myself and also how to approach these longer runs that I still came away smiling (once I’d stopped peeing teaspoons of Tango coloured liquid due to dehydration 😀). Plus my parents took their narrowboat to the 60 mile point and had great fun looking after me, Dom who was my support crew and other runners that it more than made up for the DNF.