I first started running back in 1983 as a colleague of mine thought it would be a great idea to enter the Cannock Half Marathon which I half heartedly trained for, took part in and hated (totally under prepared through lack of training.) I vowed never to run again.

Fast forward to 2011 and I along with my wife were members of a small running group which in 2013 became Lawley Running Club and I took up occasional running I guess I wasn’t that committed at first I ran to keep my wife happy. Gradually I got more into running and started entering races and doing the Parkrun on Saturday morning (instead of playing golf) My enthusiasm for running keeps growing largely down to being part of LRC a great, friendly all inclusive club that keeps growing.

In 2017 I was given the privilege of becoming a run leader a way for me to help other would be runners, unfortunately my health has taken a turn for the worst (nothing to do with running) and on the 31/7 I underwent major surgery to remove my stomach

This hasn’t prevented me from taking part in a number of events in one guise or another and since my operation I completed the Cosford 10k which is one of my favourite events and I’ve taken part in the recent Equinox 24hr event as part of a team of five together with loads of other club members.

My goal is to regain as much fitness as I can to enable to run lead, until then I will be content to wax lyrical about the benefits that running can have on physical and mental health and how being part of a club makes so much more rewarding and fun