Three years ago, after some health issues, I was advised that physical exercise might help. A friend suggested parkrun and from there I found Lawley Running Club and both have become a huge part of my life and am also now part of the core team at parkrun.

I got the “bug” after being a hater for years I’m ashamed to say and started running regularly at club and then competing in many events my favourites being ultras and trail running.

Lawley encouraged me to take a Run leader course in  2016 and has become a passion, giving back and supporting runners many of whom have become firm friends.

My style of run leading is a bit quirky, I’m known for my mystery tours, keeping things fresh, safe and enjoyable always.

I will continue to run and compete for my club especially run lead for as long as possible.

My motto for running is inspired from my favourite film
“ just keep swimming “