1.1 The name of the club shall be LAWLEY RUNNING CLUB.
1.2 The club headquarters will be at Lawley and Overdale Parish Council, Lawley Square, Lawley, or at such address that is decided at a General Meeting.
1.3 The objective of the club shall be the furtherance and promotion of amateur runners at all levels.
1.4 The definition of an amateur is a person who is eligible to compete under the Rules of UK Athletics (UKA).
1.5 Club colours shall be blue vest/T-shirt with club logo on front & rear.
1.6 The club shall be a member club that is affiliated to the following organisations:-


•       England Athletics

•       UK Athletics

1.7 Any member is entitled to receive or read a copy of the club constitution and rules.
1.8 Competing members of the club will be amateurs as defined by UKA rules.
2.1 The annual subscription rates will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
2.2 Annual subscriptions shall be due on the 1st April every year, without demand, and will be valid until 31 March the following year. New members shall pay the full annual subscription rate upon joining regardless of the time of year and shall pay in their second year pro rata monthly fees to bring them into line with the annual structure.
2.3 Any membership not renewed before the 1st June of every year will be liable to a £5 administration fee payable in addition to the annual fee. The club is affiliated to England Athletics at a cost per athlete equal to UKA published fee
2.4 Every candidate for ordinary membership must complete the application form and pay the yearly subscription to the Membership Secretary.
2.5 Members will agree to abide by the rules when they sign the membership form to join the club or renew their annual subscription.
2.6 No member will be eligible to be selected to compete for the club unless they are a fully paid up member.
2.7 Neither the club nor any official or officer shall be liable to any member or guest of a member for any damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the club premises, nor any injury sustained by any member or guest whilst on or leaving the club premises.
2.8 Members must notify the Secretary or Membership Secretary of any change of address details, to enable records to be kept up to date.
2.9 Members wishing to resign their membership must notify the Secretary in writing of their decision, stating reasons for doing so.  Membership shall be deemed to have ceased on the actual date of tendering the resignation, unless the member is financially indebted to the club, in which case the acceptance will be withheld until the indebtedness has been met.
2.10 Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to any member in recognition of outstanding services or achievements. This will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting if unanimously approved by all attending the AGM.
2.11 Any fully paid up member who is selected for an Olympic or World Cup Team will automatically be awarded Honorary Life Membership.
2.12 If a case of hardship for any member can be demonstrated, the General Committee may allow for central funds to meet the balance of the annual subscription after the member has paid the first £5.
2.13 Any such case must be put in writing, stating reasons if possible, and forwarded through the Committee for consideration at the next scheduled committee meeting.
2.14 Hardship may be allowed if the member is in full time education over 18 or the main income providing parent / guardian is :-


a. A Single Parent

b. Unemployed

c. Employed, but not working full time

d. Employed full time but earning a low wage and claiming income support.

2.15 Any cases of hardship shall be at the discretion of the committee and may be adopted on an annual review basis with written agreement of a quorum of at least four committee members.
2.16 The Membership Secretary shall keep records of all membership details, which will be available to the Committee upon request.
2.17 Any member who is 6 months in arrears with subscriptions will receive notice of the arrears in writing and will be removed from club records if the arrears are not met. A period of 14 days will be allowed to address the arrears. The member will not be eligible to represent the club, hold office, propose or second any member, nor vote at any General Meeting. They will not be entitled to any club award or trophy.
3.1 The General Committee, who shall meet on a quarterly basis & shall handle matters relating to the running of the club.
3.2 Four members of the General Committee shall form a quorum.
3.3 Members of the General Committee shall hold office on an annual basis, being elected at each Annual General Meeting. Any fully paid up member has the right to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting to any position on the General Committee.
3.4 The General Committee shall consist of the following: – Chair, General Secretary, Treasurer, 1 x Welfare Male, 1 x Welfare Female, Membership Secretary, Communications Officer, Run Coordinator, Social Events Coordinator, Procurement officer and Race Director
3.5 The T & W Council or supporting partners are welcome to attend meetings for information and liaison purposes.
3.6 Where a committee member has resigned or has otherwise relinquished office, the General Committee shall have the right to appoint a suitable member to the vacant office.
3.7 The Treasurer shall keep proper books of the club accounts and shall present them to the General Committee at meetings and to the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The financial year shall end on 31 March of each year.
4.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of September each year.
4.2 Ten members eligible to vote at any General Meeting of the club shall constitute a quorum at any General Meeting.
4.3 Notice of the date and time of the Annual General Meeting shall be posted on the club social media sites and website or other focal point at least 14 days before the due date.
4.4 Any business for the Annual General Meeting must be submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the Annual General Meeting.
4.5 The General Committee may summon a General Meeting of the club at any time.
4.6 10% of current (at time of General meeting) members may summon a General Meeting by delivering a written request to the Secretary stating reasons for doing so. The meeting shall be called for a date within one month of the date of receipt of the request. The Secretary and six committee members will agree the date. Fourteen days’ notice of the meeting must be given. Notice of the General Meeting shall be posted as per Annual General Meeting.
4.7 At any General Meeting of the club, every member of the club over the age of 14 shall be entitled to be present. Every member present (ordinary or honorary) shall be entitled to vote on every question raised. Any member who is 6 months or more in arrears with their subscriptions is not entitled to vote. In the event of equality of voting, the Chair shall have the casting vote.
4.8 The Secretary (or other appointed person) shall make a record of all proceedings of all General Meetings.
4.9 Only items on the agenda shall be discussed at a General Meeting.
4.10 No club rule may be altered without the consent of a simple majority of voting members present at the Annual General Meeting, of which proper notice has been given.
5.1 The General Committee may expel or suspend the membership of any member whose conduct has not been acceptable to the run leaders or officers of the club.
5.2 Members are expected to show respect towards all leaders and equipment.
5.3 Any member, who behaves in an unacceptable manner, will be warned by the leaders or committee, and a process whereby the member will receive notice in writing explaining that their conduct is not in keeping with the expected standards will commence.
5.4 Failure to correct any unacceptable behaviour may result in the member being refused coaching, and/or excluded from the club.
5.5 The name of any person being expelled from the club shall be sent to the Secretary of UK Athletics.
5.6 Disputes between athletes and their club may be referred to UK Athletics for arbitration under its appeals procedure
6.1 The club may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called expressly for this purpose, which must be advertised fourteen days before the meeting.
6.2 A proposal for dissolution shall take effect only if agreed by two thirds of the members present at the meeting.
6.3 Any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been settled shall be applied towards charitable purposes as decided by the committee at the dissolution meeting.
7.1 Membership is open to individuals from all sectors of the community regardless of their ability or background. The club respects the rights, dignity of people and will treat everyone equally within the sport regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religious beliefs, sexuality or social status.
7.2 The club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse.
7.3 All club members have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.
7.4 The club will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to club disciplinary procedures.


Updated at AGM 3rd October 2019, Next update AGM 2020