Code of Conduct for Runners

Code of Conduct for Runners

We believe that all runners at the club should be treated equally and fairly and should know what is expected of them from the club. This means that standards and guidelines are in place to ensure we get the best from our runners while representing the club. If you are serious about doing well and performing to the best of your ability listed below is our code of conduct.

This code of conduct will apply at training sessions, race meetings and social events:

  • Behave sensibly and with consideration for others at all times
  • Learn and respect the rules do not disobey or argue with coaches and run leaders
  • Do not behave aggressively, either verbally or physically to anyone. No sexual or racial harassment (intimidation or bullying.). Do not swear or use obscene language or gestures.  Comments made on our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and/or website should not be abusive, offensive or derogatory and if they are, the Committee reserve the right to delete these types of postings and exclude the author. The Club recognises that many runners make use of social media in a personal capacity. While they are not acting on behalf of Lawley Running Club, members must be aware that they could risk damaging our reputation if these are not appropriate.  All members are therefore requested to ensure that they continue to recognise and respect this.

On training nights

  • make sure that you have your ICE Tag detailing your emergency contacts and any medical conditions e.g. diabetes or epilepsy
  • members should cease talking when Club announcements are made
  • make sure you warm up before and cool down after sessions, run leaders will encourage this but it is a personal responsibility of all to ensure they are prepared for sessions
  • all members should take equal responsibility for ensuring that no runners are left behind at the back of the group and the faster runners should loop to the back of the group when requested by the run leader
  • all members will follow the Highway Code while training and not take unnecessary risks with traffic
  • make sure you are wearing the correct kit for training. T-shirt or vest and shorts, a sweatshirt or tracksuit and a pair of trainers. Waterproof clothing if it rains and warm and dry clothing if required
  • when dark, members should wear fluorescent vests or other suitable clothing to ensure they can be clearly seen
  • inform your run leader if you have any injuries prior to starting. If you pick up an injury during a training session and need to head home during a run, make sure that you inform your run leader
  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent. If the parent isn’t running then whoever is taking responsibility for the child must make this known to the run leader.
  • Recognise the importance of team spirit congratulate and support fellow athletes
  • Our Lawley Running club vest or T-shirts should be worn for competition purposes
  • When competing in races for the Club, please make sure that the rules and regulations set down by the race organisers (including transfers and deferrals) are followed
  • Pay your training fees and annual subscriptions promptly
  • If anything makes you concerned or uncomfortable or if you think a fellow athlete has suffered from misconduct you should inform the Club Welfare Officer (any information given will be treated in confidence by the club)
  • Do promote a good image of Lawley Running Club & Telford
  • Do have fun and enjoy yourselves

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