Couch to 5k SaTH

Lawley Running Club in conjunction with Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital will be holding a Couch to 5K course starting on the 20th April 2020 at 5:45pm.

This course is designed to take a person with no running experience through to completing a 5k run.

The course will last 11 weeks and will take place at 5:45 on a Monday.

Where to meet ~ We meet outside the Paul Brown building at Princess Royal Hospital under the canopy

Course duration ~ 11 Weeks.

Start time ~ 17:45 pm.

Days ~ Monday’s

Start date ~ 20th April .

Finish date ~ Monday 29th June

Graduation run ~ 4th July 2020 SaTH Fun Run 9:30am start (graduation run costs £10 in support of Living With Dementia Appeal, The money raised supports SaTH dementia team to provide key elements of the service not funded through the NHS and makes a massive diffrence to thei patients and families.

Dress code ~ As we will be running on the streets, we ask that all participants wear either hiviz or light coloured clothing/top.

Footwear ~ Wear a pair of comfortable trainers we will be running on the roads and paths round PRH, Run leaders can give personal advice on where to get specialist running trainers from.

Weather ~ We will be running every Monday, regardless of weather, with the exception of severe weather when the run leader deems it unsafe to be out running. So please dress appropriately for the weather.

Run leaders ~ All our Run Leaders are both first aid trained and qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness.

Looping ~The group will run together and no one will be left behind we ask any faster members of the group to loop at the front to the rear of the group to assist with keeping the group together

Progress ~ Each session you will notice a progression in your ability to run, by the end of the 11 weeks you will be able to complete the 5km.

What if I can’t make all sessions? ~ If you can’t make all the sessions each week do not despair, try and get out and complete a run similar to what you did in the previous session.

How many times do I have to run per week?~ What we have found is that people who run three times per week progress at a faster rate, we will organise the Monday sessions but it would good if you could try and run twice sometime between each session (parkrun on a Saturday morning is a good place to try)

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