In January 2014 my husband bet me that I would not take part in the C25K programme.  As I am not one to prove him right I joined the very first LRC C25K programme.  The first few sessions were hell and I wanted to give up – it was cold and wet and I was finding it difficult but I stuck it out and by the end of the programme I was hooked on running.

I joined LRC as I knew that I would not be motivated to run on my own.  With the encouragement of the club I signed up to my first 10K – Market Drayton 2014 – which I loved so signed up for my first half marathon – Lake Vyrnwy  I hated every minute and swore I would never run a half again!  But I did and I have run many half marathons since.

For my 40th Birthday – my hubby brought me a Brighton Marathon place – this was one of my greatest achievements to date – and I then went on to do Edinburgh Marathon a year later.

In 2017 – I was honored to train as a Run Leader – to give back to the club.  I absolutely love Run Leading especially C25K programmes.