Sarah B

Hi, I’m Sarah and believe it or not I only started running shortly after I turned 40.

I never ran in school, hated cross country and as much as I have a sweet tooth, I always said I would never chase the ice cream truck, but here I am, just started my 3rd year with Lawley and love it.

Like I said, I turned 40 and hit the gym, decided I needed to sort myself out, get fit, loose weight.

I started on the treadmill and could soon push out 5k. It was then that a friend who already ran invited me along to a club night and I haven’t stopped since.

I love the buzz of running, the atmosphere of races and running with club buddies. Its an amazing feeling helping someone who may have just started running complete their first 5k, 10k or run to get a personal best.

I became run leader for Lawley in 2019, decided it was time to share my passion, encourage others and have some fun along the way. Everyone is so supportive and always on hand to offer advice, support and encouragement to anyone taking up the sport.