Why did you start running?

I’ve a few frivolous answers to this which you can’t print.  I had flirted occasionally with running to no great effect but being persuaded to try LRC out in the autumn of 2015 was a pivotal moment.  I was a bit of a mess in many ways and wanted to lose weight, get fit and do something positive to avoid low moods. Also, despite the fact that I didn’t realise it then, I needed to find some new friends.  Job done, in some respects J

What do you love about running?

Fresh air, sleeping better, endorphins, Group 6, smiles and giggles, LRC.

Best Race?

Even though it was a bloody ordeal which I still grumble with shame about, getting to do the London Marathon in 2018 was a long-term schoolboy ambition realised.  It was a fabulous experience, a very humbling gift from the LRC Members, providing memories that I will carry with me forever.

Mentions also for the Market Drayton 10k and Shrewsbury Half, well run and supported events.

Favourite Distance?

Can’t choose between 10k and half-marathon; I’m feeling more comfortable with 13.1 miles but have had less angst and trauma over 10k.