February Newsletter

News from the Chair

It’s amazing to write to you all as LRC chair!
Having put myself forward, I didn’t quite believe it would happen! Andy Crozier has been a fantastic chair and he will be a hard act to follow.
 I’m excited to represent LRC members and I’m ready to work with energy and enthusiasm.
For those who don’t know me, I’m a retired head teacher, who has worked in education for 40 years. I’ve been a runner since my 20s but returned to regular running in my 50s. I love teaching at junior track and run leading in group 4 and 5. But my passion is getting new runners into running.
My favourite running is trail and I love longer distances.
I’d like to thank the out-going committee members who have worked very hard to represent your best interests and have committed so much of their personal time to running the committee during these challenging times.
So, what will 2021 hold? We can only hope for better times, back to club runs, back to senior and junior track, back to parkrun and races….I can’t wait and have already pencilled in Beckbury!
Best wishes
Sally Lill

London Marathon

                Congratulations to all of you who have got a place in the London Marathon in October this year. We have also seen a lot of you sign up for the virtual London Marathon and we wish you lots of luck with your training. 
          If you have applied for a London Marathon place, been unsuccessful and wish to enter the club ballot for one of the club spots you need to forward the “sorry” email to membership@lawleyrunningclub.co.uk and in the subject please put your name and state the year you have run the London Marathon previously or the fact that you have never run it before –
                       eg Nicola Wright – never ran London
       We are still awaiting confirmation about the process and the dates, however to guarantee your name is ‘in the hat’ send your email by the deadline of 8 March 2021. You can find the club rules here


            While some of us have kept training during lockdown 3, some of us have seriously lost motivation. There are a few things that might help you find your motivation.

  • Running challenges set by Kev Brierley – we currently have 4 challenges on the go, Spell your name in pictures, 1940 challenge, Cooper challenge #5 and Lent. Join in the challenge pages on facebook for more information. 
  • Telford Together Alone has been going for almost a year. For those parkrun participants among us, it’s been a way to keep the Saturday morning 5k going – thanks to Kim and Nathan for this. You can also register the 5ks on the parkrun website as not parkruns.
  • Our Instagram page – we are trialling a virtual couch to 5k and virtual returners sessions each week with posts to motivate and encourage your return to running, or give you sessions to push yourself.
  • Our new training facebook group …

Training group on Facebook

             We have set up a new facebook group specifically for training for our members. While we love our current facebook group we have found some questions about training have got lost with the other posts. We hope with our coaching team leading the page it will be a great place to learn some new tips and training sessions, training advice from qualified coaches, share your runs and discuss different training methods. We look forward to seeing on the training page.

Moving Forwards
              The new committee met recently, and whilst we are all being governed by the current restrictions and guidance, we are ready to take action as soon as the implications of the guidance change are understood. We are looking forward to getting the club running again, as soon as it’s safely possible. Keep your eyes peeled on the usual facebook channels and emails about any updates.
            We are extremely thankful to all of our run leaders who volunteer so we can put on safe runs for our members. We are always on the lookout for existing member who would like to join our team. If you would like more information about joining the run leading team then email communications@lawleyrunningclub.co.uk